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Unbelief in Ian McEwan's Fiction 
David Impastato
David Impastato is a freelance writer, editor of Upholding Mystery: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and co-founder of Poetry Retreats: Reading Poetry for Spiritual Growth.

Christianity Today comments:

Now many authors are writing persuasively about how Scripture has actually functioned as a complex, but fully active, force in artistic, social, cross-cultural, denominational, scientific, ethnic, and intellectual matters...they include—as a very partial list—Philip Barlow, Ruth Bottiger, Gerald Bray, Shalom Goldman, David Impastato...

Upholding Mystery:

A poetic feast. Christianity and The Arts

Upholding Mystery
is an astonishing book... Not only are the poems in this anthology both superb and diverse, but they are collected in a way that helps the minister, the teacher, the scholar, the student, and the lay reader find poems about particular subjects... [Impastato] deserves great praise for assembling this remarkable collection... We are in his debt and I, for one, will be reading in this book for a long, long time. 
Theology Today

This is a wonderful book. Give copies of it for Christmas, and get one for yourself. If you are a teacher, order it for a class, and tell your colleagues about it. Spread the word. Books and Culture

Upholding Mystery
An Anthology of Contemporary
Christian Poetry

Edited by David Impastato
Oxford University Press